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Aloha, I'm Chelsea.

I'm a yoga and meditation teacher, frequent wanderer and soulful writer based in the Pacific Northwest.

I aim to live mindfully and with intention.

I find comfort in the sea and believe saltwater is the cure for anything.

I value quality time with others.

I love playing outdoors and the sweet smell of campfire. 

I thrive off of early morning wake up calls and doing the unexpected, in an effort to make every moment count.

I live for my community and hope to cultivate a sense of connection in the world.

I’m living out my passion every day —

I guide people through the experience of yoga and meditation and anyone seeking to move their mindfulness journey forward.

I work with beginners to help introduce balance and flexibility into their life on a personalized, one-on-one basis. 

I teach private yoga, corporate yoga and group yoga for those special events and occasions. 

I curate organic content for yoga studios and brands that share my core values, align with my active lifestyle and who are seeking an authentic voice to spread their message within the mindfulness space.

I work with brands who are looking to connect with the yoga and mindfulness community, which is how SaltwaterSheSaid first came to light. 

Whoever you are and wherever you're from, I invite you to a space where positive energy and intention flows. Where last minute paddle outs and big leaps of faith are celebrated. Where far out travel destinations and one-way tickets are always encouraged. Call it a blog, a website, a community, a platform. Whatever "this" experience is for you, I hope you find joy and connection. I honor your curiousity, participation and grace — and appreciate your willingness to be a part of this crazy journey. I hope you shed your light and allow your voice to be heard when you feel called.

Remember, we’re all in this together.

Namaste, Aloha & Welcome —


I'm glad you're here.


Start your mindfulness journey.

Let's start from the beginning, together.

I help my students and clients develop mindful living practices by teaching them ways to use yoga, meditation, and creative expression as a gateway to a more balanced and fulfilling life. By developing these foundational techniques, one can learn to tune into the mind, body and soul and quiet the mind enough to allow their intuition steer them on a path towards greatness.

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Intentional Living.

Born on Maui, my first love was the ocean. I love finding the flow in the water and on each wave, I try to apply that state of mindfulness to all areas of my life. After experiencing the way yoga transformed (saved) my life and helped me to manage my PTSD and anxiety disorder, I decided to leave my corporate job and dedicate my life to helping others live mindful and intentional lives. By tuning into the mind, body and soul; one may find their flow on the wave of life.


A like-minded community.

As members of the SaltwaterSheSaid community, we are here to share, create, support, communicate, celebrate and inspire each other to live with passion and purpose. We create a path for the curious, not faint of heart; our kind. We share many of the same struggles and triumphs and create a collective space to share and speak openly about them. We are a product of a new style of living. A new way of thinking. A new wave in the ebb and flow of life.

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Chelsea is a beam of sunshine who inspires, leads and teaches from her heart. Her creative sequencing and ability to connect with others allow her students to drop into their center and feel inner peace. She’s a true gem and gifted teacher!
— Bridget Evans
Chelsea is a light. To be in her presence in any capacity is a gift. She brings peace, joy, love and presence to her students and anyone who is blessed enough to work with her.
— Kristin Tone
Yoga is a smooth path down a bumpy road of life. A map, directions, guidance and instruction can all help us find the way. Chelsea can be the beacon illuminating each of your steps out of the rough towards the cleanest line.
— Gerry Lopez
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