Do What You Love And Let It Kill You

It started with grit, a girl and a mind of her own.

After attending college in the Rocky Mountains and dabbling in the corporate broadcast industry for a couple years, I was left to choose between a life of security or a life of serenity. I was flowing but I was unfulfilled. I wanted to feel more, do more, and give more to others. I craved a career and lifestyle that was sustainable but also provided memories; not just zeros on a pay check. I wanted to be able to get on my mat everyday and teach others how to tune in and develop more mindful ways of living and experiencing the world. They say do what you love and let it kill you. So I left everything I had ever known or owned, and ran where my soul pointed. It wasn't easy but let me tell you it felt so. damn. good.

I poured me heart and soul into pursuing yoga and jumped on any opportunity to elevate my practice and teaching style. My heart never steered me wrong, though there were many trying moments where I wondered if I would ever find my way home. Some two years later and my passion has taken me around the world from Indonesia to Hong Kong and Australia. Here, on SaltwaterSheSaid, is where you will discover some of the people, places, lessons and challenges I faced along the way.

As far as my heart as taken me, I've never forgotten about the people who have been there for me. I've never questioned my values and roots and have come to find gratitude for tough times that helped me evolve and grow along the way. My lifestyle may not work for everyone but, it works for me. And I can happily say that I love what I do and have made every moment count.

Your journey is what you make it. And doesn't look the same for everyone. My hope is that by staying vulnerable and sharing my experiences from the soul will help to inspire others to run fearlessly towards where their souls point and have the courage to go out and make the changes they want to their in their life.

Love & Light,