A New Wave

I could see her big, blue face curling, her body getting taller and taller as I glided  towards her. The shades of turquoise, teal and deep aquamarine expanding and blending together to show her strength and power; the sun glistening off her edges as she rose to her peak twice overhead. I smiled as the wind sprayed salty drops across my face while feeling the sense of comfort and tranquility of home. Pachamama’s energy moved and swayed beneath me; my body moving in unison with her steady cadence. I said a silent prayer of gratitude for her perpetual willingness to cultivate a safe place for me to think, reflect and heal over the years. As we moved closer towards one other, I paused for a moment; clear eyes, full heart; to take in her beauty one more time. I began to paddle faster, feeling the warmth of the morning sunlight on my cheeks as the sun began peaking on the horizon surrounded by a sea of blue. Shoving my board down, I inhaled deeply and plunged my face into the saltwater, feeling the freshness of a new chapter approaching. As I submerged, I felt the massive weight of her body glide over me smoothly and swiftly — and with her, she took all the previous failures, challenges, triumphs and tribulations of the first 26 years of my life -- leaving me with a blank page; a fresh start; a chance to begin anew.


A new chapter has begun.


Aloha and welcome to the newly redesigned SaltwaterSheSaid.com. With the help of my amazing graphic designer, tech and marketing team, we are thrilled about creative collaboration and are excited to finally be sharing it with all of you. While my personal attempt at creating the original website taught me a lot, it was also limited, and glittered with many non-user friendly features and flaws. It was fun while it lasted but, as the sayings goes, “do what you do best and hire for the rest” —  finally, here we are!


I am so grateful for this journey and look forward to continuing it together. Having recently moved continents, starting a new business and launching my new online yoga offerings, I felt inclined to create a fresh space to stay in touch and connect with my students around the world. SaltwaterSheSaid is not only a way to keep in touch but, also a place to exchange and swap stories about faraway beaches, travel, yoga, health, mindfulness, wellness trainings, outdoor adventures on the path towards a wholesome, passionate and joyful life.


With the pace of modern life and the way technology is moving, I find that we are losing those true, authentic human connections by which to relate, grow and learn — not compare. That’s why I’m here. I was propelled and inspired to cultivate an online platform/ community for those looking for a deeper meaning and purpose in life; for those who are seeking truth, authenticity, connection and who are fearlessly running towards whatever makes their soul happy, simply because it feels right. This is a community for those humans who might be doing something that’s never been done before or who are creating things that are unexpected because why the hell not? For those humans who are going after their passions and what they love because life is short and it makes them feel most alive. For those who are constantly reinventing and reimagining themselves and aren’t afraid to take a chance — or fail. SaltwaterSheSaid.com is also for those looking to begin their yoga and mindfulness journey or push their current practice forward.


Wherever you’re at and however you relate, I honor that and hope you do, too; Honor the place at which you stand here in the present moment. There is no right or wrong way for life; there’s only through. My hope for the new blog and online space is to dissipate the never-ending judgement, fear and isolation that comes with life’s greatest and toughest endeavours; and will allow for relateable human connection at the most genuine and authentic level. Let this be a place you turn to when you have questions about leaving that job you hate, taking off on your first solo travel adventure or stepping on the mat for the first time. Let it also be a place where you share your own stories and mindfulness experiences by submitting in the Contact Me section. I hope it serves as a reminder than we’re all human. None of us are perfect. We all are going through similar shit but, we’re all in this together.


Again, Welcome and Aloha.

I’m glad you’re here.


Love & Light,