Chelsea is a passionate vinyasa, power and yin yoga instructor whose 12+ years of experience on the mat has been used to help students develop daily self-love practice and trust their intuition to create a life of pure authenticity, gratitude and joy.

Her teaching style and approach is deeply rooted on the belief that we all have an inner light that exists to guide us on our path towards living a happy, fulfilling life. Students will learn to quiet the mind and move their body to create flow and balance in their life, both on and off the mat.

Born on Maui, Hawaii her first love was the ocean. She loves finding the flow in the water and on her surfboard; and tries applies that state of mindfulness to all areas of her life. After experiencing the way yoga transformed (saved) her life and helped her to manage her PTSD and anxiety disorder, she decided to leave her corporate job and dedicate her life to helping others live mindfully and with intention by tuning into the mind, body and soul.

Chelsea took her first yoga class at the age of 14 and at age 18, shortly after graduating high school, she enrolled in her first Iyengar 200-hour YTT at Groove Yoga (Bend, Oregon). She went on to her second 200-hour YTT focusing on the Ashtanga-Vinyasa disciplines in Koh Phangan, Thailand with All Yoga International and assisted their Bali training thereafter. She has studied under Bridget Evans, Kristin Tone, Amber Hayes and Rolf Gates. 

Her passion for teaching and meditation has taken her around the world, from Thailand and Indonesia, to Costa Rica, Australia and Hong Kong and continues to bring her new experiences and opportunities to grow, love, travel, write, and practice karma yoga, compassion and kindness. 

Q & A with Chelsea

Q: Favorite food you couldn’t live without?
A: Home made guacamole and fresh poke’ bowls. Always game for some killer fish tacos. Extra siracha, please!  

Q: Most embarrassing childhood moment?
A: When I cut my own bangs (and my little brother’s, too!)

Q: Last book you read?
A: Blue Mind by Wallace J. Nicholas

Q: Favorite Author/Genre?
A: I love poetry. Jeff Foster is my #1 dude.

Q: How many pairs of yoga pants do you own? 
A: (Laughs out loud) next question...

Q: Best purchase you’ve ever made?
A: One-way ticket to Bali

Q: your dream job as a chilD?
A: I thought I wanted to be a News Anchor

Q: Favorite kitchen appliance?
A: MY French press

Q: Your first AOL screen name?
A: @roxygirl2222

Q: Have you ever done something that really scared you?
A: Night diving was kind of scary. I guess jumping out of a plane was, too!

Q: Favorite essential Oil Scent?
A: Lavenderrrrr